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Quality Management

Lifeon is providing our customers with the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients and finish medicines.We are committed to providing fully GMP compliant APIs、finish medicines and plant extract, supported by a total quality management system committed to continuous improvement. We utilize our internal ISO quality management system to continuously follow up on the approvals and credentials of all our partners.

★Lifeon insist arranging production with modern standard
Lifeon always believe standard work is the important precondition of quality management and requirement of realizing management of standardization.“Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards”.
For quality assurance,Lifeon is establishing and perfecting kinds of technical standards and management standard and strictly performing standard with normalizing quality of materials in production process and work quality of people(strict assess and cash the reward and punishment).Finally,Lifeon is continually amending and improving standard 、following&realizing the new standard and ensuring advancement of the standard.

★Strengthen quality inspection mechanism and put veto into practice
Quality department will decide if accept this product or this lot by inspecting,checking、selecting and rejecting unaccepted product through raw materials and semi-finished product.We are establishing and improving quality inspection system and arranging quality tracing、marking source record、determine the responsibility of workers and inspectors and checking at each level from raw materails to finish products.If it’s confirmed by quality department,the unqualified raw materials cannot enter the factory,unqualified semi-finished product cannot go to next process and unqualified product cannot leave our factory.
To protrude significance of quality job management,Lifeon is performing veto of quality.We regard quality standard as the fixed target which means we will use veto when choosing honors programs including advanced individual、advancement 、promotion etc if there were problems with quality and regardless of others job were good or not.

★Take the key factor which can effect products’quality and set quality management point or quality control point
Lifeon always enhance management in this respect including make system analysis for group of enterprises by professional staff members and find and control the key sites and weaknesses.

Quality is life of Lifeon and the exhibition of a company’s overall quality and embodiment of general strength of the cpmpany.In future,Lifeon will continue and carry on production keeping quality as the kernel and enhance product quality management and supplying higher quality products for the world.