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Yiqihewei Capsule

Qi-enriching and Stomach Regulating Capsule
Product features:
★ Effectively relieveing stomach-ache、stomach distension. 
★  Protecting gastric mucosa,promoting gastric emptying.
★ Capsule form.Easy to oral using and taking.
★ Classical formula inheritance,nourishing the stomach and stopping pain in one step.

Common name:Qi-enriching and Stomach Regulating Capsule
Character: Hard capsule with brown granules; little fragrance with little sour and bitter taste.
Active ingredients:Astragalus membranaceus(processing with honey)、salvia miltiorrhiza、dangshen、scutellaria baicalensis、fructus aurantii(stir-frying)、radix paeoniae alba(stir-frying)、bighead atractylodes rhizome(stir-baking with bran)、agrimonia pilosa 、glycyrrhiza(processing with honey)、sandalwood.
Application:Strengthening the spleen and harmonizing stomach,activating meridians and stop pain.Used on chronic non-atrophic gastritis with weak