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Kunning Granule

Product features:
★ Sacred formula from Young,with clinical verifications more tha 700 years. 
★  Regulate menstruation & hemostasis,double effect in one from,treate both symptoms and root causes; 
★ No toxic side effects.Easy to use and take.

Common name: Kunning Granule
Character: Yellowish-brown granules; little fragrance with sweet and bitter taste.
Active ingredients:Leonurus、Angelica sinensis、radix paeoniae rubra、salvia miltiorrhiza、curcuma aromatica、achyranthes bidentata、fructus aurantii、costustoot、schizonepeta、rhizoma zingiberis、rubia cordifolia.
Application:hypermenorrhea and menostaxis.
Usage and dosage:Using during menstrual period and colporrhagia.For oral use.15 grams per time with 3 times per day.
Storage:Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat. 
Package: plastic-aluminum package,15 grams/bag & 6 bags/pack or 15 grams/bag & 9 bags/pack .
Term of validity: 24 months
Authentication Code: National Medical Approval Z20050278