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Felodipine Sustained Release Tablets(II)

Felodipine Sustained Release Tablets(II)
Product features:
★National medical insurance product, supplementary basic medicine of several provinces
★Exclusive product with patent of invention
★One tablet every day, effectively controlling blood pressure in 24 hours, providing ideal target organ protection
★Steady carbinoxamine viscosity, high security
★Medicine releasing and absorbing unacted on stomach environment
★New inner package design
Common name: Felodipine Retard Tablets(II)
Pinyin: Feiluodiping Huanshipian(Ⅱ)
Character: Film coated tablet with hole on the coating, white color when removing film coat
Standard: 5mg
Store: Shading light and airproof
Package: plastic-aluminum package, 7 tablets, 14 tablets
Term of validity: 36 months