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Small tablets shined the big meeting!

In 23th July 2016,one of the most influential academic brand in high blood pressure field,conference on high blood pressure research in China,was held in Sheraton Hotel of ChangChun city.There were many experts and more than 3000 doctors in the meeting which  can promote orderly development of hypertensive discipline in china and construction of hypertensive discipline.
Lifeon went ahead with big advertising of Felodipine Sustained Release Tablets(II) and propagandized it with different ways including company exhibition and related meetings etc. to promote the brand and product and introduce osmotic pump controlled release technology of Lifeon;Experts gave high affirmation to our product and osmotic pump controlled release technology;In this meeting,Lifeon provided more than 600 books including《 Basic management guide of High blood pressure China》 to doctors who attended meetings.
This meeting not only provided the chance of communication for treating cardiovascular  disease with different interdiscipline and platform for companies to learn knowledge and show product.Lifeon’s small tablets shined the big meeting.